Ivan Akimov, Russian painter (7/6/1957–8/17/2011)


Solo exhibitions
1991«Ivan Akimov»Artist's House at the Kuznetsky bridge 20, Moscow
1995«Playing to Theater»Theater «Vernissage», Moscow
1995«Sitchiki»Gallery «L-3», Moscow
1996«IvaNYUshkis (Nude portraits)»Moscow International Foundation for UNESCO
1996«Sasha and Vanya in «Bad apartment»Apartment Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov, Moscow
1996«Signs»Russian Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow
1997«Stages»Gallery «The Moscow living room»
1998«Dreams in the Summer Garden»Gallery «Summer Garden», Moscow
1998«Portraits de femmes Russes»Atelier «Z», Paris
1999«In search of a meaning»Gallery «Summer Garden», Moscow
2000«New IvaNYUshkis»Gallery «Summer Garden», Moscow
2000«Man and Women»Gallery of International University, Moscow
2000«Glass Rhapsody»Gallery «The Museum», Moscow
2001«Russian Utopia by Ivan Akimov»Russian State Literary Museum, Moscow
2002«Flora»Gallery of the Moscow Jewish Communal Center
2004«Koktebel»Gallery «CRASULA», Moscow
2005«Stars are Everywhere»Russian State Literary Museum, Gallery «CRASULA», Moscow
2014«Life after life, or My green cockroaches»New Manege, Moscow
Main exhibitions
198415th Moscow Youth ExhibitionThe Central Exhibition Hall «Manege»
198717th Moscow Youth ExhibitionArtist's House at the Kuznetsky Bridge 11, Moscow
1987«Out of the genre»The Palace of Youth, Moscow
1987Charity exhibition «The fund for people suffered from the earthquake in Armenia»The Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow
1987«Young Artists from the Russian Federation»Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
1987«The Alternative»Central House of Architects, Moscow
1990«Art London»Gallery «Union»
1990«Russian avant-garde and contemporaries»Cooling Gallery, London
1990«Modern Soviet Painting»Gallery da Pracha, Porto, Lisbon, Portugal
1990«Art MIF»Gallery «Yunona»
1990«Art Los-Angeles»Gallery «Union»
1991«Art MIF»STANBET Gallery
1993«Art MIF»Gallery «Gift»
1993Auction «Sothebys»Moscow
1994«Soviet Painters»Gallery «Nina», Cambridge
1994«Roads and letters»Gallery «Gift», The Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
1994«In each picture there is a house»State Museum of Architecture named after Shusev, Moscow
1998«Song and the destiny»Russian State Literary Museum, Moscow
2001Charity Auction «Hope»Russian Cultural Foundation, Moscow
2009«KhudGraf-2009»Little Manege, Gallery «Freak of the imagination», Moscow
2009«Tradition and the present»Chaliapin Museum, Gallery «Freak of the imagination», Moscow
2009«Christmas»Gallery «Cinema», Moscow
2009«All genres»Gallery «CRASULA» (permanent exhibition on the Gallery «Scarlet Sails»), Moscow
2010«Imagery of a Woman»The Moscow Architectural Institute
2010«FanagoriaART-2010»Krasnodar, Sochi
2011«FanagoriaART-2011»Krasnodar, Sochi

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