Ivan Akimov, Russian painter (7/6/1957–8/17/2011)


Series title Technique Years Number
Self-portraitsOil on canvas, oil on fiberboardAnnual.
Christmas cardsPaper, mixed mediaAnnual.
KuskovoPaper A4, mixed media198412
Living in the USSROil on canvas 120×901984–19887
StogoVanya (Haystackings)Oil on canvas1985, 200910
Paper, mixed media2008–200930
Stars are EverywhereOil on canvas, mixed media1986–199140
Women are our only plankOil on canvas 20×30, 70×501988–19907
The Russian Utopia by Ivan AkimovOil on canvas 100×701989–199514
Oil on canvas 120×95200512
CitiesOil on canvas 100×18019903
WatercoloursPaper, different sizes1990–200937
IvaNYUshki (Nude portraits series)American wallpapers of 50's, paper, mixed media1990–199550
FloraOil on canvas 70×50, 80×701990–19957
Oil on canvas 50×4020038
Mixed media1998–20087
FishOil on canvas 40×35.1
Oil on fiberboard 35×28.3
American wallpapers of 50's on fiberboard.4
Portraits of Russian womenMixed media on photos of the beginning of the 20th century199512
MexicoPaper, mixed media 25×30199524
The city of KostromaPaper, mixed media199626
SubwayOil on canvas, subway tokens19973
BoysPaper, mixed media200012
PortraitsOil on fiberboard, oil on canvas2000–201112
Russian IvaniaOil on canvas 120×80200412
SplashesPaper, mixed media 100×70200618
CornflowersOil on fiberboard 90×7020061
Paper, mixed media200612
LyubaVaniya (Admirations)Oil on canvas, oil on fiberboard2006–200715
Paper A3, mixed media200918
RosesOil on fiberboard 90×4020062
Paper, mixed media20099
Service by «Pohabych»For 10 people200840
Dedication to Russian futurismMixed media.10
My green cockroachesPaper A3, mixed media201021

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